About Chris

I’m Chris Fraser, a candidate for Ottawa City Council to represent Orléans West-Innes (Ward 2) in the upcoming Ottawa municipal election. On October 24, I hope to earn your vote if you reside in my ward.

While we enjoy a high quality of life in Ottawa, residents have spoken to me about a decline in some services in my ward and around the city. Roads and sidewalks go unrepaired, critical infrastructure is allowed to deteriorate, and core services are ignored or cut back. Meanwhile plans are being made for mega-legacy projects that are not necessarily vital at this time.

In the week preceding the deadline for candidates to register for this election, no citizen had stepped up to run against our incumbent. I felt that the constituents of Orléans West-Innes were entitled to have a choice rather than an acclamation, so I registered to be a candidate.

The past few terms at city hall have left many citizens wondering whether our city leaders have the right priorities. No one said the job of a councillor is easy, but if we get back to basics, our ward and our city can become the best places in Canada to live.

I give you my pledge, that if elected, I will be a strong, independent voice, advocating for common sense policies. We all want value for our tax dollars. If elected to council, that will be my goal on your behalf.