The campaign to elect Chris Fraser can use your help. Please consider donating to help put Chris in a council seat on October 24. You can send an e-transfer to If you prefer to donate by cheque or cash, send an email to and we will arrange to meet with you personally to accept your donation.

Contribution Rebates

The Chris Fraser campaign has registered for the contribution rebate program.

Contributions are not tax deductible. However, you can apply to the Ottawa City Clerk for a contribution rebate using the Application for the Payment of a Contribution Rebate form on the back of the official receipt issued by the campaign. Only monetary contributions qualify for a rebate. Rebates are processed and paid after the end of the campaign period on condition that the candidate has filed all required documents and reports.

The following formula is used to calculate rebates:

  • If the contribution is $25 or less, there is no rebate for that contribution.
  • If the contribution is equal to or greater than $25.01 and not more than $100, the rebate is 50% of the total contribution
  • If the contribution is greater than $100, the rebate is $50 plus 25% of the amount by which the contribution exceeds $100;
  • The maximum rebate to an individual may not exceed $75, except for candidates who withdraw their nomination in accordance with the Act, in such circumstance, the rebate to an individual is 75% up to a maximum of $900.00; and
  • If an individual makes more than one contribution to a single candidate, or contributes to more than one candidate, the rebate is calculated using the sum of all the contributions.